I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it Lloret de Mar, april 2017

So … How and why I don’t even know exactly . It started so … Together with my partner We decided to make a meeting at the sea in Spain on a holiday considering that he was working through Europe. Said it and did it, but please, where? Initially, we thought Barcelona because was close to its route, but we did not find any convenient flights. It was a little complicated for me, the time, a week when I need to go with my dog ​​to my parents, from Bucharest to Oradea and return the same way..so I searched for flights from Oradea and I found one ok, Oradea – Girona … I find Costa Brava, but where in the Costa Brava? I started searching for resorts, accommodation, etc. And so I find Lloret de Mar, I can not figure out exactly how and if I read about Lloret before, but I did it, a 2-night booking. Initially, I said that it is enough that then we continue our vacation with the car and through other resorts. Everything Planned! On the day of the flight, my partner announces that he will probably delay because he’s still in Germany and arrives at night, no problem, it’s ok. When I arrive in Girona and I am going to Lloret de Mar, it is announced that it is a problem … pfuuu .. In Germany the transport documents were wrong and they have to stay there until the documents are retrieved etc etc. Desperate partner: I don ‘t know how long it takes, when I get … what are you doing alone? Go to x (a common friend from another city) home and wait for me there. No, no, noooooo, I wait in Lloret pamparam, it’s okaaaay. What to say, sadly, we decide I’m waiting for him in Lloret de Mar and that’s just a mini holiday alone, so alone, uf, and the introvert in me was WOW! I’m so excited and i just can’t hide it, travel aloneeeeee laaaaa laaaaa laaaaa laaaaaaa laaaaaa. And so I met Lloret de Mar without the extrovert noises.
Lloret de Mar is described as the resort with the finest fun, for the madness of the resort, yes, it is, but tourists are attracted by the striking combination of mythical landscapes mingled with the local color and the multitude of tourists. Lloret is colorful and you feel her freedom.
How many narrow streets? Fuck and each has another name, shit, how do I find the hotel? After 3 hours and 6 stops at a beer on a terrace I arrived at the hotel to stay and start the vacation!


Journal in Spain (Catalonia, shit !)


A journal… why? because if you feel stranger in your own country how you can feel in another(question? yes!), because when you’re at the begining it is necessary to learn to understand (epic word!; if everything is epic now, hehe) how live here the people, what mindset have the majority, tradition, culture, new language etc. etc. because…no matter why! So, so… I think about it, if i can manipulate people to feel good, to have a nice day, to feel happy, i can’t manipulate myself to feel the same? Sure, I can. And I do it. I do a very difficult exercise (for me is!) to accept others unconditionally( Ellis solution!), no matter how they act, I think that it’s just a negative behavior learned by them, every people have his problems (mental or not, deh!, just a little prejudice, i’m human, what the f***k). So, everybody want to survive, and each with his own tools for this. Understand!!! End of story! I’m joking, it’s just the introduction, hehehe. To be continued…


Hermina was lying on the bed. He looked at the wrinkles on the tip of his fingers, he thought that those little stripes were infinitely broken, and the water with a wave creaked them. It was the seal of water on her body, the concrete connection of the universe with the man, those creases on the navel of her fingers were the vital sign of the covenant. He gently stroked the tip of his fingers, being pierced by the certainty of the bond. It was the sense of pleasure where the blood flies with the wings of the veins, the beatings of the heart watch this ascent of ecstasy, and the body penetrates the pure rays of light. The face of the serene girl, but crisp over the mighty moment that she bathes her in the sweet silence of the flying sailors everywhere … She pulls her blanket over her face and dances in the mirage of feeling. Hermina is left prey to the unconscious now…

Călătoriile cu iz dulceag

Mirosea a jeg îmbibat în fiecare colț al compartimentului. În spatele fiecărui cuvânt rostit bipezii își împrăștiau duhoarea învăluită de divinul Divinului (diiiii vinului! că deh) Undeva în surdină zumzetul provocat de trenul visurilor îi îmbie pe bipezi la acte de-un fudulism neașteptat.
-Biserica! Fă-ti repede, repede cruce, Mărioara!
– Îh…Îh…numele tatălui, a fiului și a sfântului duh…Îh, amin!
-Hai să ne facem un selfie! Hai, tu! Să vadă Rodica lu’ Ion!
– Bine, Mărioara! Zâmbește! Tu, stai cu buzele țuguiate!Așa, așa.. Supeer! Supeer!
– Suntem frumoși de mama focului! ( mama focului frumusețe-a dat: cenușa!)
– Cred că voi merge si la doctorat, Mărioara!
– Zău așa!Dar de ce??
– Păi, uite…Rodica lu’ Ion a început deja și câștigă și ceva bănuți..Îh..și va fi doctor. Rodica va fi doctor!
– Serios? Nu îmi vine să cred! Rodica va fi doctor?! Voi da și eu la doctorat atunci! Ce naiba, chiar Rodica?!
Un compartiment, 8 oameni, aer îmbâcsit, duhoare, planuri neîncetate, maimuțăreală creștină, retard juvenil și Rodica… Ce mai, miroase deja a călătorie!
Si totuși, inspirau si expirau aerul neîncetat. Oamenii trăiesc și nu știu de ce trăiesc.
– Oh, Mărioara! Uite, soarele apune!
– Vai, ce frumos!
– Mărioara, oare unde rămâne soarele când apune?
– Eu cred că dispare și reapare dimineața!
-Da, sunt de acord! Clar, așa e!